Creative Ideas Narrow Laundry Hamper

Oct 17th

Narrow laundry hamper – If you’re into crafts and creativity, do not miss the idea that we present in our article today. An opportunity to recycle all the materials you have at home and you do not know how to reuse, which is available to all our readers. In a few simple steps, with your own hands, and without spending a fortune. What will you need? Thick and very resistant fabric; needle and thread; and a plastic bag to carry your cart, you can get some old add-on that you have at home or buy new.


Start by drawing on the web the way you want to have narrow laundry hamper for clothes, designing two pieces that have to sew together at the bottom and sides with needle and thread. When you have finished the two pieces, you’ll sew the two parts of your bag to plastic handles, making a hem to make your craft more resistant.

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As we promised you it is much easier to do than you imagined craft, so to work with the task today because surely you are surprised with the results. And do not forget that you can use all ornamental details that you want to get a more personalized design, and even replace the plastic handle by a cordon to design a practical narrow laundry hamper. Let your imagination and put into practice all the ideas you pass through the head.

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