Decorating with Japanese Tatami Mat

May 1st

Traditional straw mats that used for sleeping on the floor are popular in Japan and all overall the world today. They are called Tatami mat. Even though not living in Japan, we can add the mats into our flooring decorating. This indeed if we are really interested in the mats. In Japan itself, the mats are popular in modern version. Not only for sleeping on the floor but also for martial arts flooring especially Judo.

Judo Tatami Mats

Decorating home flooring with Japanese Tatami mats can really comfort and relaxing atmosphere. Whether summer or winter, the mat can give a pleasing surface to lay our body.

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Grid patterned mats are considered awful to pick. The mats can bring bad luck, so they said. Why? Because the grid pattern mats are usually used for mourning. This is ONLY for the believer? What about me? Nah! That’s Non Sense!

There are brand new and used Tatami mats for sale on the market. I love the futon mat. It has such an elegant design with comfort. Why I can say that? Because I have one of those and always love to spend my leisure time lying down on the floor with the mat!

Tatami mat and Goza mat are actually almost the same with a few differences. Both of them can be used for flooring and bed to lie down our body. They are affordable and for sure to become unique decor to blend well with existing furnishings.

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