DIY Simple Laundry Pedestal Design

Oct 11th

Laundry pedestal – This can keep you from having to bend over to put clothes in the washing machine and then bend over later to take them out and put them in the dryer. Measure the width and depth of the washer or dryer. Transfer the measurements to a sheet of plywood. Measure and cut two side pieces of plywood. Measure and cut -and backing.


Make a mark on the each plywood feet cut marked with the circular saw. Sand the edges of the cut pieces of plywood until they are smooth. Pre-drill four holes along each corner where the pieces meet. Apply a strip of wood glue along the top edge, and then set one of the cut pieces of plywood on top. Drill a pilot hole every 6 inches along the edge of the frame laundry pedestal.

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Turn the context of the pedestal of the one part. Place two pieces in each bottom corner. Attach the pieces to the frame with wood screws. Turn the frame over on its other side and repeat this step. Add the frame down so the open side faces up. Run a bead of wood glue around the top edge and then set the remaining piece of plywood on top. Secure it with wood screws and drive a screw into in the middle of the frame laundry pedestal.

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