Easy Candyland Decoration Ideas

May 23rd

In giving your kids a unique and unforgettable birthday party you might considered using the candyland decoration ideas aside of other ideas options. Basically the candyland theme is easy to do since it has just to be connected or related to candies. Furthermore it will only have to be colorful so that kids will love the design. You can get it done in easy ways without even spending much of your money and time.

Candyland Decorations Diy
Candyland Decorations Diy

Giant Candies for Candyland Decoration Ideas

One easy thing to be done in the candyland decoration for a party is to make giant candies. In making the giant candies you will need to glue two pieces of insulation foam pipe together first. Make sure to make them in a spiral form or shape so that they looks like candy for real. Simply paint them to looks like candy then wrap them using clear cellophane just as a brand new candies form a store. Be creative by using several different colors for the candy for better result. You can also use different wrappings as well though for a more attractive design of the big candies.

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Mini Chocolate Boxes of Candyland Decorations

Aside of the big candies you can also create the chocolate boxes decoration as well. Basically you will need to use the real size chocolate boxes as the template. You can alter the look of the original boxes by placing for example the words “thank you for coming” so that it will show the appreciation for anyone coming to the party. You can simply hang them or even give them to the guests of the party as well. The key is really to be creative in using things that are easy to be found in your surroundings though to be able to save your money in doing the decorations.

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