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Oct 7th

Laundry sorter – While getting rid of sheets completely is near impossible, it may be your goal to at least keep on top of it a little better. Handling Large laundry loads is a difficult task, but the task can be controlled by setting goals and make minor adjustments in how the laundry is handled before and after washing.

Small Laundry Sorter
Small Laundry Sorter

Put laundry sorter in each bedroom in the house, to keep on top of sorting laundry. For example, have separate sorters for light, dark and delicates. There are varieties of units sold at home supply stores, or you can simply put three laundry baskets side-by-side in each bedroom. Every sort should fit a load of laundry when full. When a sorter is full, take it to the laundry to be washed, then return sorter until the next time it fills up.

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If you find it difficult to pick a time and day to keep up with laundry, make a schedule and stick to it. Insert a calendar in rooms in your house that you use most – most likely in the kitchen. Write down the dates and times you want to do the laundry, be as specific as possible. If you know you have a few hours on Sunday morning to do chores, that would be a reasonable time to plan laundry sorter.

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