Types of Campaign Desk

May 7th

Campaign desk was not invented by the British although we are now linking campaign furniture with the British colonial empire. Every culture that led wars and occupations in the area developed portable furniture that can be divided to move and set up under canvas in a field tent. Campaign desks were used by the Roman army during the Napoleonic Wars, and even during the Civil War. And they were often used by explorers roughing it on expeditions.

Victorian Campaign Desk
Victorian Campaign Desk

The pedestal desk masquerades as an essential piece of furniture. It is a plate of wood, which fits over the two cabinets. The cabinets or pedestals contain drawers and are designed with fine finishes, hardware and base molding. Reception surface may have one or more drawers built in, and some have leather inlaid panels to write. When used as a campaign desk, this style does not have a front modesty panel and the three main pieces separated so they can be easily moved and set up in a new location.

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The campaign desk that comes most readily to mind is a large, rectangular tray top, generally made of polished hardwood contains drawers, one underlie storage or a combination of the two. It is located on the two bases, which may be similar to saw horses only much more graceful and sometimes collapsible. Some campaign desk has hinged supports that folds down and locks into place when the table is in use, and fold up flat to make the desktop easier to move.

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